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SquarePoet, Inc.
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楽しい!The easiest way to play piano! Play with your eyes closed and fool your friends. Tap anywhere on the piano to play the next notes. You handle the timing, so you can play it fast or slow.

Come see why Tiny Piano has become the #1 music app in 40 countries!

Tiny Piano comes with over 400 songs to enjoy.

It's fun... it's magical... and it's FREE!!!

If you enjoy playing, please leave us a review and tell us what songs you'd like to see.

Check out our 5-star reviews:
+ 音がかわいくてきれい。 広く知られた曲ばかりなのでとても楽しめます。~おもしろい
+ かわいい! 色もきれいで、弾きやすいです ~うさみどり
+ 簡単でいいです。小さな子供でも、ピアノが弾けちゃいます。~MAXBASSER
+ 簡単で楽しい!~はぴたんかめる
+ 全くピアノが弾けない自分でもプロ並に上手くなったと錯覚します! ~ユコサカ
+ はまる!とても楽しい!~hidezon
+ おもろい! スゲェいい感じ音もいいバッチリ ~ペイン天道
+ This an awesome app. I love it and so do my friends and family!! ~Tweety
+ This is amazing and it's actually helping me to play the piano better. ~Dimples102
+ Now my friends think I can play like a pro. ~Rosie363457789
+ My 6 yr old loves it. And it teaches him his colors and learning music. I love it. ~Amylouis
+ This app is really great! Like no other!! ~Jasmine168
+ Much more fun than tapping random piano tiles. :-) ~HBT
+ I just love this app!!!!! Makes me feel like I know what I'm doing :) ~Stuffstuff78
+ Really fun! And a lot of cool songs. Tiny yet satisfying. ~Lgeorgea
+ I feel like I can play! I knew my piano teacher was wrong all those years ago! ~Rainbeau
+ My little sister thinks she's a piano master and she screams every time she finishes a song. ~LP

Contact us:
+ http://www.facebook.com/tinypiano
+ hello@squarepoet.com

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