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Used in educational settings around the world to develop vital early number skills. Help children reach their educational milestones with an app adaptable to their individual needs and abilities.

All activities are configurable to a child’s current developmental stage and can grow with them as confidence and skills develop.

Key Features
• Wide range of activities to develop counting, matching, ordering, comparing and selecting skills
• Easily configured to suit different abilities and interests, and to grow with children as they develop
• Support for those with poor fine-motor skills as the app works even if a child accidentally taps more than once or cant precisely position objects
• Develop hand-eye coordination through card matching activities
• Activities are clear, uncluttered and can be used in any order

Personalised to Suit Abilities
• Adjustable number range between 1 and 20
• Range of objects to use in each activity to harness a child’s interests
• Choice of fonts, including our own font Special Letters with easy to read digits and letters
• Options included to select when and where to use built in sounds
• Changeable speed of animation to adjust the pace of activities to suit children’s abilities
• Activities are not timed, allowing children to take as long as needed

Accessible For All
• Special Numbers can easily be adapted and personalised to meet a child’s needs, and grow with them as their skills and confidence develops
• Ideal to be used at home, at school, in nursery or kindergarten and in therapy sessions
• All activities designed to hold the attention of children with additional needs, as well as typically developing children

Why Our Apps Are Different
• Visually clear and simple, with no distracting backgrounds or noises
• No in-app purchases or pop-up ads
• No user tracking
• Designed in collaboration with parents, teachers and educational psychologists, and with reference to research into how children acquire mathematics skills
• Tested and recommended by Down syndrome and ASD experts and organisations around the world

Reviews from Parents and Professionals
“Special Numbers is well thought out, has beautiful clear images and is easy to use. One of the best attributes of the app is how versatile it is and how easily you can tailor it for your child / the child you are working with.”
Speech Blog UK

“Without this app we would have no idea of what exactly he is capable of achieving.”
Emma Watts, Teaching Assistant, UK

“This app is an excellent way to help the user understand all the different parts to a number: the name, symbols, value and order. The different settings under each activity really help to make this a great app for users of all abilities.”
BridgingApps, 5 Star Review

Speak Your Language
• The user interface is provided in 11 languages: Catalan, Dutch, English (America and British), French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Turkish
• All languages use audio provided from native speakers
• You can quickly and easily add your own text and voice to use in any other language

Part of the Special iApps Family
Special iApps is a multi-award-winning non-profit social enterprise with a worldwide reputation for creating educational apps for those with learning disabilities and additional needs, as well as in early years education. They initially created apps to teach their youngest son William, who has Down syndrome and autism, now they are supporting children in 100+ countries and 27+ languages.

To discover more of our apps, search for Special iApps in the App Store or visit our website www.specialiapps.org

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