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Marblesoft, LLC
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Switch Kids Lite is a touch-only version of Switch Kids, our fun switch-accessible program to introduce kids to the wonders of using a computer. Switch Kids Lite teaches simple cause and effect and a variation we call "cause and effect with a goal".

While the full version is intended for switch users, Switch Kids Lite can be used just by touching the screen. A finger acts like a switch. It doesn't matter where you touch, just that you touch. In the main activities, the user touches anywhere on the screen to cause the next action (the effect).

Switch Kids contains three activities, Funny Sounds and Faces, Bubble Gum and Build-A-Kid. A scoreboard tracks the child's progress.

Funny Sounds and Faces
In this activity the user touches the screen to see a funny face and hear a funny sound. Holding the finger down causes the faces to play one after another, until the switch is released. This is a great switch training activity to teach start/stop cause and effect.

Bubble Gum
In this activity the user touches the screen several times to blow a bubble. This is an excellent example of cause and effect with a goal, the goal being the obvious humorous conclusion.

In this activity, a different body part or piece of clothing is added with each new touch until the kid is complete. This is another example of cause and effect with a goal.

Switch Kids is based on the popular desktop program of the same name by Marblesoft-Simtech. The full versions allow the program to be operated with up to 4 switches for multiple-switch cause and effect fun. They also permit you to change many features within the program, such as background colors, which kids to use, bubble gum colors, etc. You can even play Build-A-Kid with twins or triplets!

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