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Hi Parents,

Here is an easy, no pressure game to get your child started with taking a quiz in English or Spanish while familiarizing the kid with alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes and everyday indoor and outdoor objects.

It does that by speaking a word (in English or Spanish) and then presenting four pictures of which one is the correct choice. When the child picks the right choice a musical note is played and the page flips to show the next quiz. Your child can take as long as he/she wants to make a choice and can choose to answer as many quizzes as he/she wants.

This game presents a virtually unique puzzle each time as it picks the four choices from 400 beautiful pictures. The sound of item to be identified is spoken in a professionally recorded voice.

-- Quiz in English or Spanish
-- A simple quiz to identify the picture of the just spoken word
-- Take as much time you like to answer
-- Play as long as you like
-- Easy, no pressure game for the child
-- New puzzle created each time from included 400 pictures
-- Virtually infinite collection of puzzles
-- Includes professionally recorded voice of experienced talent
-- 'Mileage Meter' for you to know the count of puzzles seen
-- Soothing background piano -----
Sai Services is a venture started by a parent and a daycare provider to help educate and entertain children. Kindly search 'Sai Services' in your iPhone/ iPad / iPod touch to find all our apps.

Since the launch of our first app in April 2009, we have regularly updated and refined our apps with customer feedback. Kindly send your comments to: . Thank you.

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This app includes over 800 pictures and 800 sounds.

If you see "Application Over 20 MB" message, please touch "Tell a Friend" button at the bottom to remind yourself to download it later with wi-fi or your computer.

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